Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OMG I think I almost killed my moms Jack Russel. I'm watching Chuck last night with my brother and working on my shawl...ONLY ONE MORE REPEAT TO GO! (in the chart) wooohooo right?! Not until good ol' JR gets all rowdy, ..under my desk...gets the yarn all rapped around his legs, I yell at him, He runs, and away my shawl goes flying off my desk, both my brother and i go to grap it. AT first look, it seems the shawl was OK......closer loook...NOOOOoOOOOOo! He ripped out like 20 stitches going about 3 rows deep. OMG I could have strangled that dog! It took the better part of the next half hour to fix the stitches. I feel really proud of myself for getting them fixed. I'm rather new to lace, and this is the first time I've used lace weight yarn..It was not a easy task, on the verge of crying, filled with frustration, and 2 cigarette breaks,and of course all the cuss words one could think of, I did it! Hurray go me...that dog is soooo lucky =)


knittycowgirl said...

love the new project:)

Pretty Knitty said...

Yay for dogs that are alive! Yay for repaired lace! Yay for a beautiful shawl-in-progress! ...and Yay that I can leave a comment! So...welcome to blog-land!