Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finished hat!

i finished the hat
and want to make another, doing a lil mods to it.(of course the white string is not part of the finished product)
But i want to do it in another color, but i nly have black and grey heather(but i think its looks like silver), i also want to try making this hat in anther weight  but dont have enough yarn in good colors to make it out of decent yarn and am broke.. well dusnt this blow! sigh* ill just have to do with wat i got till i get more yarn. i cant await till my families yarn shop here in town will be open...austin is to far away and knitpicks would take to long. ug! ug!! ug!!...if i make this hat in black will the lace pattern show??? i wonder if im brave enough to try it and it not work and be really mad at it...

Heres Mr. Monkey showing it off for you
 and then me

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Anonymous said...

It just seems to fit you just perfect, and it's so pretty!
Trudy on Ravelry (Bluebird49)