Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Silly Sock

This silly sock. *sigh I'm trying really hard to like making socks, should we all? I seem to always run into somethign when making one (ive made 3(singular) )
I started this sock and used for the FIRST time Toe up and Short row heel methods. I really enjoy both. everything was going grand, I did the toe, the the short row heel, made the cuff and put it on.....WEIRD, somethings of....O BOY, somehow I had made the heel crooked, off to one side....*siiiiiigh How I detest frogging things, even if if one row, in this case a whole heel! So I, reluctently, frogged the heel.I finished my heel today and the cuff(HURRAY not crook-ed!)..but alas...a big to long for my already big feet. Will the Sock Gods ever shine on me?

Now, SHHH! need to sneek into moms yarn stash for more sock yarn.MOoHoohAhha
J/k I always ask

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Pretty Knitty said...

You came, you challenged, you conquered! Good for you! Sock knitting is not for everyone, but every knitter should at least have a go at it...and look! Now you can go both ways! (with the sock-knitting, that is!)