Sunday, February 14, 2010

Most awsome Vday weekend EVER..and early Bday present from Mom and Dad

This was such and awsome weekend. For an early Bday present my Mom and Dad took me to Austin (TX) and we all three took a spinning class at Hill Country Weavers. I learned so much and had so much fun learnign how to spin! And I did good =)

And look at all the fiber we got! Most was all from the class, except the bag of raw(i think washed though) Alpaca from Gauge. Most is wool, but the curly green is Mohair...Ive never had mohair before =)

And this is what I spun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

evil sock yarn....evil socks

I am about at the 'rip my hair out' point. I just want to make ONE pair of freakin socks! I bought 2 skeins of Deborah Norville sock yarn to make a PAIR of sock just for me. I had did one sock with some yarn I had got in Ohio but did not have enought o make two, AND it was tooo long for my foot. So yesterday I start my toe-up, short row heel sock using Deborah Norville yarn..toe...knit...knit...knit...knit...heel..knit..knit...try on
It huuuuge! Right length this time but is liek 5 times to big around, very loose knitting. I know i knit loosly, but not THIS loose. WTF!! I continues to knit to make a swatch. I had begun the sock with size 3 and i swatch all the way down to 0. Still no big difference in looseness. I think this yarn is loose itself. The other sock from the yarn in ohio was perfectly knit, just wrong size
Sigh* So i have brought out my hank of Cascades Heritage sock yarn I got in Austin.

Dear Yarn/knitting Gods,
Please please please please let me get a decent gauge, Please let it not be to loose, and work for a sock. Please shine you love upon this adventure to make a pair of socks. I have been so good, and have had patience and perseverance, but its startign to wear thin. O please let this pair work!