Sunday, February 14, 2010

Most awsome Vday weekend EVER..and early Bday present from Mom and Dad

This was such and awsome weekend. For an early Bday present my Mom and Dad took me to Austin (TX) and we all three took a spinning class at Hill Country Weavers. I learned so much and had so much fun learnign how to spin! And I did good =)

And look at all the fiber we got! Most was all from the class, except the bag of raw(i think washed though) Alpaca from Gauge. Most is wool, but the curly green is Mohair...Ive never had mohair before =)

And this is what I spun!


Pretty Knitty said...

Never pull your hair out over a sock. Just try and try again. My first socks are nothing compared to what I am knitting now that I have finished hundreds. . .yet, I still wear them proudly! And, no. I do not have hundreds of socks in my drawers. . .I have given away many, many socks over the years! lol

Emm said...

I think this pair will finally work using my cascades heritage. so far it fit around, which was my problem with the deb. norville yarn

knittycowgirl said...

will you show your fibers and handmade yarn off on Thursday:)

Emm said...

Of course I will. How could I resist not tooo!! lol =)