Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This missing slouchy hatpattern!!!

After having a few people message me asking for the pattern( that mysteriously disappeared!) I found a old ruff draft, knit up the hat, and revised.
Before it was in Emily knitting language, apparently not to understandable always by others

The Slouchy Hat
By Emily Sansonetti
yarn purchased at The Old Spinning Wheel Yarn Shop, Killeen,TX

Yarn Used: Cascade Cherub DK
Neddles: size 6 and 8

With size 6 needles, cast on 88 sts

K2,P2* for 13 rows, for the band

Switching to size 8 needles, work increase row
Increse row:K7, M1, (K2, M1) 37 times, K7

knit as follows(9 st repeat)
Row1: yo,psso,k2,k2tog,yo,k3
Row 3: k1,yo,psso,k2to,yo,k4
Row4: knit
Row 5: k2,yo,psso,k5

work pattern repeat a total of 4 times

next row: psso,k2tog to end of round (63sts)
Knit rows 1-5 of pattern repeat
Next row: K9, [psso,k2tog]* onto DPNS, if not already using(36sts)
Knit row 1-5 of pattern repeat
next row: K3tog through back loops till last st, k3tog(12sts)
next row:psso,k2tog to end of round(6sts)
Last row: k1,yo,psso,k2tog,yo,k1

stitches used:

psso: slip1,knit1, pass slip stich over
m1:pick up bridge between stitches


Isa said...

curious about the pattern! The rows after the first decrease row, do you mean 1-5 of the decreasing or of the pattern?

Em said...

1-5 of pattern repeat

dimmedshadow said...

what does it mean in the parenthesis "(9 st repeat)"? im confused :) thank you!

Em said...

The design in my hat is made from a stitch repeat of 9 stitches. This mean the number of stitches on your needle needs to be a multiple of 9. This info can be helpful if someone wants to alter the pattern.. Maby make it bigger or smaller. It can be don't as long as their stitch count is multiple of 9. Make sense?

Brittany Novotny said...

I'm confused about the first row after the increase. Is there supposed to be a slipped stick in there in order or to do psso? But I'm a novice! Help!

Em said...

Sorry I'm not sure what your asking. Are you on Ravelry. My username is monkeychic

Alecia Rae Nazaroff said...

What does Mi mean in the increase row just after changing needles? thanks!

Anonymous said...

what is 'Mi' in the first increase row? thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you supposed to use circular needles?

Anonymous said...

Are you supposed to use circular needles?

Em said...

It is supposed to be M1 as in Make one. I suggest DNPS or if youu have sock circulars to start off with then switch to DPNs

Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify the second decrease row after the 5 pattern rows. The knit 9, psso ,k2tog*. What does the asterisk mean on the k2tog? I am not able to arrive at 36 sts from 63 following these instructions. Please help

Anonymous said...

Pattern dose not work. Second decrease row does not work

Miss Kolette said...

Thank You for posting this! I've been looking for this pattern for ages!

Em said...

on Second decrease row the astrick mean to continue in that pattern repeat. {psso,k2tog} and at the end of the row you should have 63 stitches